Commitment to quality is one of our differentials and we are always looking for continuous improvement.

To this end, we have adopted the Compliance Program and the Seal Ethics Communication Channel, which is premised on acting with ethics, integrity and transparency in all our relationships, whether internal or external.


The Seal Telecom Code of Conduct expresses the ethical principles and commitments that we assume in our relationship with our internal and external audiences.

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The purpose of this Policy is to establish directions and guidelines for the use of the communication channel and protection from non-retaliation to employees and third parties who report, in good faith, conducts, facts, suspected violations or violations of the provisions of the Code of Conduct and other Seal Telecom Internal Policies.

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The objective of this Policy is to provide guidance in order to mitigate risks related to corruption and bribery practices, fraud and other conduct contrary to national and foreign legislation.

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To ensure respect, trust and transparency, we provide the Seal Ethics Channel, which is a secure communication channel for reports, suspicions, clarifications of doubts and suggestions regarding compliance with or suspected violation of the Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures of Seal Telecom related to compliance with Anti-Corruption and Personal Data Protection laws.

If you want to report any irregularities, rest assured if you prefer not to reveal your identity as your communication can be done anonymously! In addition, information and reports will be safe and protected by our Non-Retaliation Policy.

Important: In the case of requests for personal data and the cases described in the General Data Protection Law, please identify yourself so that it is possible to verify your identity and provide you with the best attendance.

All reports received will be treated confidentially.